The EuroSun 2022 Programme will offer a range of workshops, please find more information below. More workshops and additional information will be provided over the coming weeks.

Workshops at EuroSun 2022

  • Renewable Energy – Insights from Environmental and Behavioral Economics

    Consumers’ active participation in the energy transition is a perquisite for its success. To this end, barriers to acceptance must be overcome and habits as well as individual behavior must change. The empirical analysis of survey data enables…

  • Scientists for Future Workshop

    This workshop seeks to shed light on the work and structure of Scientists for Future in Germany through short presentation and to create a platform for Scientists for Future to connect globally. An input on the energy transition process is also…

  • Women to Advance the Global Energy Transition

    The workshop aims to provide the stage for a dynamic dialogue on the challenges and barriers, the lessons learnt but most of all, the success stories of women advancing the global energy transition. This event aims to provide a platform for…

  • Security of Supply as a Booster for the Energy Transition?

    The global demand for energy is continuously increasing and the situation on the international energy markets is getting worse. Human rights violations by political actors against the civilian population in fossil fuel…

  • Elsevier Publishing Workshop

    At EuroSun 2022, ISES is pleased to once again offer a special workshop on academic publishing with the publisher of the ISES journals - Solar Energy and Solar Energy Advances, Elsevier.

    This workshop is…


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