The International Solar Energy Society and the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme are pleased to announce that almost 400 abstracts have been submitted to EuroSun 2022 - thank you to all authors!

The abstract submission is now closed and the review process is in progress.

For questions about your abstract submissions please contact Conexio- PSE, our conference management partner at  eurosun2022 [at]

EuroSun 2022 Conference Themes


  1. Solar and Efficient Buildings
  2. Energetic Renovation of Buildings
  3. Daylighting
  4. Solar Domestic Hot Water and Space Heating
  5. Innovative District Heating and Cooling
  6. Innovative Industrial Process Heat
  7. Solar Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  8. PV and PVT Systems for Buildings and Industry
  9. Solar Energy and Heat Pumps
  10. Water Purification through Renewable Energy
  11. Carbon Neutral University Campus
  12. Urban Planning, Solar and Efficient Districts


  1. Solar Thermal and PVT Collectors and Solar Loop Components
  2. Thermal Energy Storage
  3. Testing, Certification and Monitoring

Cross Cutting

  1. Solar Resources and Energy Meteorology
  2. System Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization
  3. Sector Coupling and Grid Stabilization
  4. Renewable Energy Strategies, Scenarios, Financing and Policies
  5. Renewable Energy Education

Presenting your work at EuroSun 2022

Presenting your work at EuroSun 2022 will allow you to share your work to a unique community of solar researchers, scientists, renewable energy decision makers, developers, financers, and practitioners, and engage in exciting Q/A sessions to foster your knowledge and expertise. All EuroSun 2022 conference attendees will have online access to your abstract before the conference, for several weeks allowing for in-depth engagement with your work.

Authors of accepted abstracts will present their work at EuroSun either during oral or poster sessions. During the abstract submission, authors can indicate in case they would prefer to give a poster presentation. 



Publishing your work: EuroSun 2022 Conference Proceedings and Selected Proceedings in Cooperation with Solar Energy Advances

All accepted full papers will be published in the ISES Conference Proceedings Database, a publicly accessible and searchable online database. All papers accepted for publication by ISES will be part of the conference proceedings with an ISBN and each paper will be assigned an individual DOI.

A selected number of papers from EuroSun 2022 can be published as EuroSun 2022 Select Papers in the new ISES scientific journal, Solar Energy Advances.

Solar Energy Advances, is an ISES fully open-access journal reflecting the work being done in transforming our energy production and consumption into a fully renewable system. The journal covers a broad range of topics relevant to solar energy research, development and applications. All papers submitted to Solar Energy Advances will undergo a rigorous review process. Papers which progress to publication will include a notice that the paper was originally presented at the EuroSun 2022. More information about Solar Energy Advances can be found here.

Only a limited number of papers will be published in Solar Energy Advances. The open-access fee for selected papers will be waived for the papers accepted to the journal and only authors of abstracts that are accepted for presentation at the EuroSun 2022 conference can submit a full paper. Submitting authors are not guaranteed that their paper will be published in the journal. All abstracts and full-papers will be pre-reviewed to determine if the paper meets the requirements of the journal before undergoing the rigorous journal review process. The deadline for submitting a full paper for the selected proceedings in Solar Energy Advances is 31 July 2022.