The EuroSun 2022 Conference Themes are:


  1. Solar and Efficient Buildings
  2. Energetic Renovation of Buildings
  3. Daylighting
  4. Solar Domestic Hot Water and Space Heating
  5. Innovative District Heating and Cooling
  6. Innovative Industrial Process Heat
  7. Solar Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  8. PV and PVT Systems for Buildings and Industry
  9. Solar Energy and Heat Pumps
  10. Water Purification through Renewable Energy
  11. Carbon Neutral University Campus
  12. Urban Planning, Solar and Efficient Districts


  1. Solar Thermal and PVT Collectors and Solar Loop Components
  2. Thermal Energy Storage
  3. Testing, Certification and Monitoring

Cross Cutting

16. Solar Resources and Energy Meteorology

17. System Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization

18. Sector Coupling and Grid Stabilization

19. Renewable Energy Strategies, Scenarios, Financing and Policies

20. Renewable Energy Education


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